• Galvanized Rib Lath/Metal Lath
  • Galvanized Rib Lath/Metal Lath
  • Galvanized Rib Lath/Metal Lath

Galvanized Rib Lath/Metal Lath

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Product Description

Galvanized Rib Lath/Metal Lath

Description of Galvanized Rib Lath

Rib Lath (Rib Expanded Metal Lath) is a kind of expanded metal from galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel. Rib Lath offers special extension due to its special opening and the uniform V type reinforced structure in the surface. Rib Lath is extensively used in construction of civil building, industrial building, construction under the water like banks, ponds, infrastructure engineering as well as municipal works. Rib Lath works well with other construction materials to save both cost and energy.

Rib Lath Features Compared with Other Metal Laths: 
-It is easy to cut and form to ornamental plaster work. 
-It provides ample keying for scratch coat. 
-It is commonly used for plaster machine application. 
-It gives a uniform coat depth for large area


Rib lath is idea for refurbishing damaged or aged masonry walls, when a key for rendering is not certain due to disintegration or softening of the wall face. Lath should be fixed with apexes of ribs against the wall, edge ribs of sheets nesting into each other should be wire-tied every 15cm and ends of sheets should be lapped not less than 2.5cm and nesting ribs securely tied together.

Stainless steel fixing should be used at sufficient intervals to hold the lath firmly in position.

Type of Rib Lath

5 Rib 4 Opening Type Rib Lath

7 Rib 4 Opining Type Rib Lath

8 Rib 8 Opening Type Rib Lath

9 Rib 4 Opening Type Rib lath

Can made as customer's require


Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/WU
Packing︰ Metal Pallet
Lead Time︰ After 15 days of received the deposit

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