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Roadway Protection: The protection of highways and roads from environmental disasters are facilitated with the use of R gabions that stabilize the slopes protecting the shoulders which are susceptible to erosion. Retaining Walls: gabions used as retaining walls are functional, economical solution and a good alternative to other types of retaining structures due to their flexibility and permeability.


Rock fall Protection: Rolls of fabric with lacing, done by joining together, are provided as a blanket  to cover the surface of the slopes to protect any infrastructure built on the foot of the slopes against rockfall. gabion constructed as retaining wall is an alternative.


Bridges and Culverts Protection: Bridge abutments and culverts are potentially at risk of scouring during heavy rains and strong flow of water. gabion boxes and mattresses can be used as abutments and protective structure that aid the flow of water avoiding the danger of erosion due to their good permeability characteristics.


Coastline Structure and Protection:  gabions and mattresses are highly resistant to corrosion and other environmental effects which are suitable for marine works, such as; retaining walls, ramps, beach protection, small jetties, groins, and piers built at great speed and minimum cost. The use of  gabions and mattresses dissipate wave energy conserving beaches from being eroded.


Channel Lining: Channels are protected using  gabion and mattress structures against erosion which control and guide the movement of water naturally. Boundary or Security Fences:  units can be used as fences which are cost effective compared to concrete fences.

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